Thursday, July 11, 2013

Offline Maps is back in Google Maps for Android

It was yesterday when Google updated its Maps app for Android and iOS. The update is simpler, cleaner and faster than last version. The interface was also updated to match as announced in I/O 2013. But it lacks an important feature "Offline Maps". For those who don't know (although it is not difficult to know as name itself suggests), this feature lets users download selected area of map and make it available offline. It is much helpful when you don't have internet connection. You still can download offline maps by typing or saying OK Maps, but there's no dedicated button.

This made a great of issue and disappointed thousands of users. So today Google announced that Offline Maps button is back to the app in form of a Google Now style card. A new field is also added "Where's latitude?" to remind you that service is going down on August 9. What do you like: Offline Maps or OK Maps? Share with us in comments.

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