Thursday, July 31, 2014

Internet Explorer for Windows Phone will soon provide web experience like iPhone

Running Windows Phone? Sick of viewing websites in your Internet Explorer cause the visuals get smashed? It's a problem of all Windows Phone Users. 

Reason? Well, a website is made visible with the help of "Rendering Engine", a kind of software inbuilt in all web browsers. This engine renders i.e. converts the code written in a webpage to the layout that a user see. Internet Explorer uses "Trident" Rendering engine by Microsoft. on IE 11 with Windows Phone 8.1

But the things change get diverse here. While Microsoft insists user to view a webpage via Trident, the world is rapidly shifting and writing code for "Webkit", a kind of rendering being engine used by browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari. And because these browsers are serving more number of users day-by-day whether on mobile or desktop, this makes less compatible code for Trident. In short, because of the grossing popularity of Chrome and Safari, there are less websites fully compatible with Internet Explorer. 

But seems like Microsoft has found a solution for it. As in the latest blog post, Microsoft has stated that it has been working on Internet Explorer 11, as per the users' feedback, to make it provide an experience like browsers on Android and iOS. The update is expected to be rolled out soon. on iOS 7 on IE 11 with Windows Phone 8.1 update 1

This is a good approach from Microsoft. After all, atleast Windows Phone users can be happy in some state as compared to owners of iOS and Android users. 

Image Courtesy: WPCentral

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