Saturday, February 8, 2014

iPhone 6 Concepts Show Larger Screens and iPad Mini Like Desgin

So fellas, it's been long since we are listening that Apple will announce iPhone 6 this year. Well, we don't know how much will it take Apple to release the next gen iPhone. But there are some enthusiasts who can't wait, and hence they reflected their own views in form of iPhone 6 concepts. 

First of all there is imagination of Federico Ciccarse who brought us the curvy body designs of Apple's phone apart from the flat and sleek tradition of the company. Ciccarse designed  5.5-inch display (1,568 x 878 pixels) as well as one with a 4.7-inch (1,338 x 750) display. He put both of them with current running iPhone 5S, comparing all of them.

Wall Street Journal has already reported that Apple will release iPhone 6 with larger screens than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. The next-gen iPhone may come with 5" and 5.5" displays. Current version of iPhone have a 4-inch display. This move will bring the iPhone to the phablet category. It may be possible, because once Apple never had a intention to release iPad Mini. 

Another designer Martin Hajek shows his imagination with a iPad mini inspired iPhone not having Home button. Yes, you read correct. Martin Hajek imagines of such an iPhone with the tagline "Homekeys are so 2013". 
Homekeys are so 2013

Hajek stretched the phone's screen eliminating the home button and reducing the bezels as much as possible. Volume rocker and power keys are also slimmed down. This is a different kind of approach from Apple but still Hajek's views seem to be the design of future. Who knows, someday Apple may get inspired from him.

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