Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moto X promo video leaked, shows continuous listening and new features

Today we saw some leaked images of Moto X, we also saw that Motorola can launch it on August 8. Now we have something that will drop your jaws. This is the most different leak till now. A video of Moto X has hit the web from Canadian Mobile carrier Rogers. It shows some new features regarding Google Now and Camera.

This video shows that Moto X is only available at Rogers, that means it will be launched on Rogers first in Canada. As shown in the video, it houses a new version of Google Now which listens you all the time. To activate it, just start it once. When you have finished your task stop using it. When you need it again, don't touch it, simply say "OK Google Now" and Google Now will keep listening and following you. The Rogers representative in the video says "Talk to it, and it learns your voice." You don't need to touch your phone, you just have to speak andit will navigate you, tell you weather and other regular Google Now features. 

Notifications have also been tweaked. Notification LED only blinks and hence does nothing, so instead of that notifications are shown on the screen when it is in sleep mode. This is named as "Active Updates". 

And in the end there's camera. To open camera there's a gesture. You just flick their wrist twice to access the phone's camera. Images can be snapped by tapping anywhere on the screen, you are not limited to press the shutter button. 

Video says that Moto X will be available on Rogers by this August, so our rumors become more strong of its launching on August 8. Motorola is now a Google company and we've too see what Google has flavored with.


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