Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moto X images leaked, may launch on August 8

Moto X is the most rumored and anticipated phone these days. And why not, after all it is developed by a company which is known for smartness and being guided by the creative giant which has a large domination over Mobile Technology and Web Services. 

First images of Moto X have hit the web showing a big Red testing unit. This unit is not for sale as written over it. This picture gives us a hint at the look and design of the new phone plus the rumor of having a new version of Android. There are two images: one if of Verizon Moto X and other one is Sprint Moto X. Phones in both of the images have their top left corner hidden. It may be a testing unit identifier or something else. There's also a new Motorola Logo. 

But there's one more thing special too. Motorola is planning an event at August 8 (8/8). According to the trusted leak source @evleaks, Aug. 8 will be a big day for Droid. However, it doesn't mean that Moto X will be launched or not, but we can hope it to be launched. Stay tuned for more news and rumors. 

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