Saturday, July 13, 2013

Control Center app gives Android users functionality of iOS 7

iOS 7 has changed he design standards that was used from the first generation of Apple's mobile OS. This time it is more clean, sleek and flat looking. It has added a lot of new features and some are totally revamped. One special feature is Control Center that can be accessed with a single bottom-to-up swipe. Control Center gives users the direct accessibility to Wi-fi, Bluetooth, music, sound controls etc. Android has a similar interface in notification panel.

But if you want to enjoy Apple's Control Center in your Android, then boy there's an app for that. A new app has landed in Play Store which gives you same feel of iOS Control Center giving quick accessibility to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, screen rotation and plenty of other toggles. Just swipe from bottom-to-up from any screen and it is activated. 

Go ahead and download from Play Center. 


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