Thursday, July 25, 2013

Google launched Chromecast to stream videos directly from your phone to HDTV

In yesterday's event Google launched Chromecast, a $35 USB dongle. What it does is that it can stream YouTube, Netflix, music, Google Chrome tabs and more all, from your Android and iOS devices to your HDTV. Your device works like a remote controller. It is developed by Google and Netflix to compete with Apple TV and works on DIAL wireless streaming protocol. 

You can not only cast videos but also webpages from Chrome Browser. Google has recently launched Chromecast extension for Chrome which can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. Though Chromecast comes with manual but there are 3 simple steps: 1.) Plug it in 2.) Switch input 3.) Set it up. 

It is a 2 inches long USB dongle having a bulbous circular end opposite the necessary HDMI port. It is black in color and has Chrome printed in white on its top. It runs on a basic version of Chrome. This dongle is made of firm textured plastic and has gold plated HDMI post on the one end while other end has a micro USB port to connect it to USB slot of your TV or the small AC Adapter which is bundled with the box.

The worth noting point is that the content you stream actually doesn't stream directly between your device and your HDTV. First it is uploaded to a cloud from where it is downloaded to Chromecast. You can use other apps while casting a video such as opening browser, sending messages. Even you can lock the phone and videos will be streamed flawlessly. You can stream 1080p videos easily. 

Chromecast is a perfect successor to failed Nexus Q which was launched for same purpose. Chromecast dongle generates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, and can be connected to it with an Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS X app. It needs a Wi-fi router to provide it internet connectivity. It is different from Apple TV which streams or mirrors videos directly from iOS device or Mac to Apple TV. Google has also announced SDK for Chromecast. That means third party developers can make their apps optimized for Chromecast.

At the price of $35 it is available on Amazon to buy. You can also buy it from Google Play Store. It requires Android 2.3 and up, iOS 6 and up, Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.7 or a Chromebook Pixel. With Chromecast, Google seems to patch up the work that was failed by Nexus Q. 

Images Via: Engadget, The Verge


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