Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ubuntu for Phone hands-on by TechnoBuffalo

Report from CES 2013 by TechnoBuffalo

Aaron Baker hits the floor at Pepcom’s Digital Experience to bring you details on the recently announced Ubuntu platform for smartphones. While it’s also a plus to have additional options in the smartphone marketplace, we have to wonder if there is enough room to support another mobile operating system.

Here's Aaron's report

Ubuntu for smartphones isn’t just about the mobile experience though. In fact, the whole idea is that you can plug in a monitor and use a complete Ubuntu desktop experience. That means installing full Ubuntu applications, surfing the web with a keyboard and mouse, working in OpenOffice and so much more. It’s incredible.
My fear is that Ubuntu for smartphones may only be for a niche audience, only because the market is super crowded right now. That will all depend on who Canonical can sign on as a hardware partner, though. Imagine if Samsung or HTC took a swing with an Ubuntu phone? Trust me, I’m already drooling.
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Watch Hands on Ubuntu Phone OS by TechnoBuffalo


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