Saturday, January 5, 2013

CES 2013 Rumor Roundup: New Macs, iPhone 5S, Retina display iPad mini

Hello There. We all are excited for CES 2013. After all we're Tech lovers. A lot of rumors are being made for and from hundreds of manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Google, LG, Corning etc. (the ling is too long ;-)). Everyone is trying to hit is imagination to expect what can be new from device makers. A lot of info is leaked too, like that of Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked pics. 

And here, Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo is covering a rumor roundup for CES 2013 including new announcements from Apple as well as Google. Have them a look in following 2 videos. 

I'll keep covering news about CES 2013. 

Thanks to: Jon Rettinger [TechnoBuffalo]


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