Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Google adds Web Speech API to Chrome, control your browsing with your voice

On Monday, Google introduced a new Web Speech API for Chrome. It could maybe lead to an entirely new browsing experience and also make Chrome the unbeatable browser. The 

An fficial post from Google Chrome blog says
With the inclusion of the Web Speech API for developers, users can start enjoying new, interactive experiences with web apps, like in this demo where you can compose an email by speaking. With this new JavaScript API, developers can integrate speech recognition into their web apps. So, in the near future you’ll be able to talk apps into doing all sorts of things.
" With this feature you can dictate an email, play a video, control your sharing and games with your voice", as told by Google's engineer +Glen Shires

You can try the demo of the Web Speech API here. For this you need to upgrade Chrome to Chrome 25 Beta. Download it from here.

Watch the sample video

[Image Courtesy: Geeky Gadgets]

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