Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mediafire finally comes to Android, enjoy 50 GB cloud space

Cloud storage services just seem to be handing out more and more free storage every time you turn around. 50 GB of cloud storage is pretty cool. 50 GB of free storage that you can access wherever you go. MediaFire has finally released an app for Android, so now you can also get in on that sweet, sweet offer of 50GB of free storage.

Users can expect to be able to upload and download their photos, video, music, files and more from the comfort of their Android smartphones and tablets.

MediaFire for Android does have one shortcoming: it currently does not allow batch uploads (or actions) through the app itself. But still it is great to have 50 gigs of storage on the air. What do you think about it? Will it compete already existing Cloud services: Google Drive, Dropbox, 4shared etc.

Download from MediaFire fromGoogle Play

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