Saturday, January 5, 2013

Early Android mascot was not awesome, it was scary

Do you like Android Mascots? I think you do. Most of do, or I should say we all love them. They are always decorated with a special version of dessert, making it the yummiest Operating system ;-)

The creamy FroYo, chocolaty ICS, Gummy bummy Jelly Bean have always attracted us. The green robo (android actually means robot) looks firendly, isn't it? But have you thought about the mascot design of Android? Well the earlier version of this mascot looks not much friendly and seems, hey before saying that I would like to suggest to read at your own risk. So where I was, seems scary, and evil too.

Googler Dan Morrill, who worked in Android developer relations when the mobile operating system was in its early stages. He designed the colorful bots back in 2007 to add a little "eye candy" to an presentation he was putting together for an internal developer launch. 

In a Google+ post Friday, Morris explained that the characters enjoyed "a brief flurry of minor popularity amongst the team," before being replaced by the sweet treat-loving Android mascot we all know and love today.

[Image courtesy: TechnoBuffalo]


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