Thursday, January 17, 2013

Facebook Messenger for iPhone lets US users call for free

Messenger is one of several stand-alone apps developed by Facebook. If you are an iPhone user, you can call your Facebook friend using Messenger for free. This service is currently available in US only. According to the report, Facebook began testing free calling Wi-Fi and cellular data for its Messenger app for iPhone users in Canada first, which is expanded to U.S. now. 

To use Free Call, just install the Facebook Messenger app. Go to your friends list, tap on the person you want to call, then hit the info button in the upper righthand corner. On the contact info screen you should see an option for “Free Call.” Tapping on Free Call will initiate a call using VOIP, and your friend will get a notification on their iPhone that you’re trying to ring them.

Facebook has had a partnership with Skype for video calling inside Facebook's website since summer 2011, but Messenger still notably lacks video calling. Still, free is free and the service will no doubt be useful to millions of users.

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