Sunday, January 6, 2013

Galaxy S II going to be updated with JellyBean, detailed by Samsung Korea

Galaxy S II owners are you bored of the ICS update? Want to try something new such as Jelly Bean. You can be lucky. Samsung is planning to rollout Jelly Bean update for existing Galaxy S II devices. 

Samsung Korea's support pages show the details about the update. However, there is no specific release date shown. The update will be available on three local carriers and will be distributed via KIES. Details show that this update will fill the device's internal memory by full 1 GB i.e. will be reduced from 12 GB to 11 GB. 

Some features of Jelly Bean updates are also mentioned on the website, and a quite cool feature will also come to device: Smart Stay. Some additional applications such as Google+, Google Play Books and Google Play Movies will be pre-loaded. Additional functionality will come to the camera app, and Pop Up Play.

We are waiting for Galaxy S II JB universal update.

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Samsung Korea, Engadget, TechnoBuffalo, Android Central, Android Authority


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