Sunday, October 27, 2013

White version of Nexus 5's images leaked on web

This is going to make you more curious. The rumors about upcoming rumored phone Nexus 5 aren't just nibble of leaks. Recently we saw that Google mistakenly published images of Nexus 5 on Play Store, and later on the Mountain Giant took the specific page down. Today, the prominent leak source "evleaks" tweeted something that makes the rumors about Nexus 5 more justified

Evleaks shows images of Nexus 5 in White color. There's just a text written "In White 11/1." What does this mean? Is it indicating towards the arrival of Nexus 5 on 1st of November ? Well we don't know but we expect it to be coming soon, possibly on the date hinted by evleaks. Oh well, whatever may be the date, if something goes official, we'll let you know. Till then, predict. 

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