Monday, October 21, 2013

Koushik Dutta shows Screen recording app for CyanogrnMod in a video

From a long time Android users were waiting for screen recording option. There's no perfect app which can do so easily. Although there existed the feature to take screenshot of the phone/tablet but recording a video of what's going on the screen was missing. Koushik Dutta, the founder and developer and CyanogenMod ROM comes up with the idea of screen recording functionality via an app. 

Koush has uploaded a video on YouTube showing how to record the screen using his app. User can start recording by pressing volume up and down simultaneously. What's the plus point is, this app also records the audio. While recording it shows touches (optionally) so on watching the video, the viewer will know where the video maker has touched. The status of recording is shown up in the notifications panel. 

This app is pretty useful for testers and those who want to point out bugs and errors in apps. App will come to CyanogenMod, but when word comes to when it will be official, Koush puts finger on his mouth.


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