Monday, October 28, 2013

LG Canada's warehouse images leaked, shows 30,000 units of Nexus 5 retail boxes

Recently we came up with the news that Nexus 5 was shown in a subscription page of Wind Mobile, a Canadian carrier's Facebook page. This time we have got something more interesting. Images have been leaked from LG's Canadian warehouse showing stock of 30,000 units of Nexus 5 retail boxes. The packaging is quite similar to the already leaked pics. 

These images were taken by some LG employee. These were firstly spotted on Neogaf forum and then on reddit. The LG's insider who leaked images says that there are 30,000 units out of which 26,000 are for Eastern Canada which will be mostly supplied to Rogers while remaining 4,000 units are for Western part which will be supplied to Bell and Telus. Disappointingly, this batch does not contains retail packages for Google Play. But don't worry, as soon as Nexus 5 is launched, it will come to Google Play. 

Canadian carriers are also rumored to launch Nexus 5 on 7th or 8th of November. All of these rumors, leaks and reports are justifying the close launch of Nexus 5. Google has already set a special event and we hope next Nexus to be announced there. 

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