Saturday, February 23, 2013

Samsung developing 360 degree camera feature as Samsung Orb

Samsung is known to work on new tech, or I should say adapt new tech. They changed the Android Beam to S-Beam in their high-end smartphones such as Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Grand etc. Now a customization of +Android Photosphere is supposed to be developed by Samsung.

According to a report from Android Geeks, who supposedly have a friend on Samsung’s software engineering team, Samsung is developing a new version or customization of Photosphere as Samsung Orb. Samsung Orb will be similar to the 360 degree panorama image capturing Photo Sphere function included in Android 4.2. Besides that, Samsung Orb will give three dimensional experience as well.

Photosphere is one of the great features of Jelly Bean. Though it's not complete but still it provides a never seen before way to capture photos. Samsung's also said to be working with Facebook to bring easy social sharing of Orb images. That's in sharp contrast to Photospheres, which are shared primarily through Google+. It's unclear whether "Orb" panoramas will be compatible with the back-end stuff that Google's set up to support and share Photosphere images. Currently the only way to share these on the web is through the Google ecosystem, so it'll be interesting to see how the two standards live alongside each other.



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