Wednesday, February 13, 2013

iPhone with 4.8 inch display rumored to be released in Summer 2014.

Apple is gonna to be enter the large screen smartphone market, but not now, even not by the end of this year. The new iPhone from Cupertino giant is expected to have a 4.8 inch screen and will be going to be released in Summer 2014.

The company is planning to launch an iPhone with a 4.8-inch display sometime in the future, and Jefferies analyst Peter Misek thinks it will not hit the market this year, but instead in 2014. Apple's plan was to release the bigger iPhone at the end of the year (October time frame) to prevent market share loss, but Misek reports Apple's screen suppliers are struggling to increase the size of the 4-inch iPhone  to 4.8-inches.

If Apple had released the iPhone 6 this year, it would have been the third new iPhone model for the year, according to Misek's roadmap. He says Apple will release a low-cost iPhone in June, as well as an iPhone 5S, which is a slight bump over the current iPhone 5.

Misek also suggested Apple will move to a quad-core or octa-core smartphone and will launch a brand new version of iOS that’s capable of taking advantage of those added cores. But that may be a expectation of Misek as of the devices launched in CES 2013, or may be that is going to be true. Who knows except time and Apple too. 

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