Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time to develop Apps for Google Glass, Google releases Mirror API

After teasing from a long time, Google has finally made available the app development tool for Glass developers. This morning Google Developers page on Google+ shared that Mirror API is ready to be used. 

Mirror API is a smaller tool which can be used for deploying apps for Google's headset. As the website says, it is useful for those who want Platform Independence, Common Infrastructure and built in functionality. Official development kit GDK or Glass Development Kit is still in awaiting. The web based services that interact with Glass are called Glassware. These services will use the cloud based APIs and thus will not run on the Glass Hardware; Glass will connect to them only, rest of the work will be done over the web on servers. 

The basic difference between GDK and Mirror API is used for letting the apps communicate with the Google servers to send updates and notifications to user's Glass such as sharing, location update etc. While GDK is meant for developing apps that directly run on Glass hardware and rely on it. It is like the other SDKs. 

We are on the verge to have GDK installed and with the release of Mirror API to everyone, a new definition of application development is going to be set positioned. Go, have a hand on the new tool. 


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