Saturday, November 2, 2013

Android tops Mobile OS market share with 81 percent

Android is still on the top. Not only in fans' hearts, but also in the market. A recent research from the ABI Research reports that Android dominates in Mobile OS share with 81%. 

This year in third quarter, Android managed to make a good reputation with the help of manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi etc. This is a great figure for the green robot at the time when KitKat has been just announced. Apple has fallen down to 14% while Windows Phone is trying to maintain it with 4% share. This seems a quite fair rep for Microsoft. Blackberry, after the release of BB 10 and Z30, is still struggling and has only 2% share. While the other OS count for only 0.3% (as Android is actually 80.6%). 

All of these reports show that Android is seriously and rapidly dominating over the whole Mobile OS market. Is it going to kick everyone else out soon?

Source: ABI Research

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