Monday, September 9, 2013

Xbox music comes to Android and iOS, web app also updated

Today Microsoft's music streaming service Xbox music made a debut on two popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS. Xbox music was launched about a year ago, just before Windows 8. Xbox music will get competition by already stable players such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio and Google's own Play Music All Access and Apple's iTunes Radio.

Microsoft is giving 6 month ad-free subscription of it's music streaming service. With Xbox music you can access your favorite music from any place, just login to your account and you are able to stream your content available synced on your Xbox account. These apps require Xbox music pass to play your music. Microsoft also updated web app to free, ad-supported version for all browsers which was earlier available to only Xbox music subscription pass holders. Currently the app is available only on iTunes Store and coming soon to Google Play.

To access these apps on your Android as well as iOS device, you need a Xbox Music subscription. With it, you can add songs to your account, create and edit playlists that will be synced across your logged in devices such as PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, TV, tablet, phone and web. You can also listen to artist-based radio stations. 

Although these apps do not feature offline streaming so you can't enjoy your songs without connected to internet. Well, Microsoft says that it will update the app every four to six weeks and will add offline playback option soon. 


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