Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nokia was already testing Android on Lumia phones before acquisition

Nokia's devices group was recently acquired by Software giant Microsoft for around $5 billion. Microsoft will sell and distribute hardware devices that will be made by Nokia's employees. It will (hopely) make Microsoft distribute Windows Phone to more and more devices. Nokia before acquisition fully switched itself to Windows Phone. So, it looks like a good deal for both the companies as together. 

However, some Nokia sources told New York Times that before acquisition, Nokia was testing Android on its Lumia phones. Sources say that if Microsoft hadn't purchased Nokia then we could see a "Android Lumia" phone by 2014. If Nokia had transitioned towards Android then it could have helped the company to earn the same reputation and market value as it had before the arrival of Android phones. Sources also claim that Microsoft's executives also had information about this project of Nokia. Nokia is the number 1 manufacturer among Windows Phone manufacturers and thus Microsoft got afraid of losing its biggest supporter. So the deal was made.

Well, former Nokia executives have founded Newkia, a company that will make Android phones. We expect them to deliver something innovative, and also which can remind us of earlier mobile phone giant.

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