Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LG may make the new Nexus 5, not Motorola

LG has recently announced its flagship device G2. After a couple of weeks G2 will enter the market for official sale firstly joining USA, then UK and other European and Asian countries. 

A Chinese website, MyDrivers has reported that Nexus 5 will not be designed by Motorola, but by LG, the manufacturer of last Nexus 4. It will look alike G2 but will not contain heavy specs and features as Google keeps Nexus devices low costly and thus affordable, while G2 is heavy on pocket. 

Although Nexus 5 will not heavy Snapdragon 800 processor but its li'l brother Snapdragon 600 and it will have 1080p display screen. Camera is expected to be of 10 MP. Power and volume rocker keys will not be on the rear panel, but on the sides. It is also said to be housing a 2 GB RAM. 

This year is Android's 5th birhday and thus we may see the fully upgraded Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and Nexus 5. Rumors say LG and Google will release Nexus 5 in October. 

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