Friday, August 2, 2013

Customize your Moto X with Motorola's Motomaker

So as you know that Motorola yesterday launched its much awaited and rumored phone: Moto X. Well the phone rumors went correct and it was the same phone as expected. But a special facility about Moto X is that users have choice to design their own Moto X. That means you have 504 combinations to choose from!

Motorola has lanched a tool Motomaker which will help users to set the combinations of their favorite Moto X. It is a online tool where users can set colors for front and back panels, accents i.e. volume and power controls, custom signatures, cases, earphones, chargers, boot message etc. Users can also set wallpaper of their choice. They can even log in with Google account already so they don't need to log in when they get it shipped. You can also choose storage online from 16 or 32 gigs. 

Motorola will assembled all these custom designed Moto X in Texas, USA. Original Moto X comes in 16 different color options with 7 different accents. It has a textured back while the custom Moto X will not have a textured back, it will come with a pear back. Motorola says user designed Moto X will be shipped within 4 days in USA. 16 GB Moto X costs $199.99 and 32 GB version costs $249.99 USD. 


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