Sunday, August 25, 2013

Apple is reportedly testing 64 bit A7 for processor iPhone 5S which is 31% faster than A6

Event of iPhone 5S is coming soon and rumors are getting hot on web. If we believe on the latest new then we'll find that Apple has reportedly tested 64 bit A7 chips for upcoming iPhone 5S.

FOX news reporter Clayton Morris tweeted that Apple is testing new A7 chips for iPhone 5S. He has said there "new iPhone" which is probably the iPhone 5S. He also added that this new processor is 31% faster than iPhone 5's A6 CPU. Both of A6 and A7 processors are dual core, but reports say that A7 is a 64 bit CPU. So it will be the first time when a phone will feature 64 bit CPU. This A7 chip uses ARM v8 chipset architecture. 

As 9to5mac says, fifth gen iPad will feature this new SoC. They also reported that Apple is again using Samsung's component for its chips. It is not for the first time when Cuppertino giant does so. If 64 bit A7 will not be available in 2013 then 64 bit support will be released in A8 with 2014 models. 

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