Thursday, June 13, 2013

What we've got in new iOS 7

Yesterday Apple has launched something which was heavily rumored, something that digital world was waiting for. The mobile world is treated with the 7th generation of iOS with a completely redesigned look and a lot of amazing new features including updates from the lock screen to Siri and Control Center. The new UI is somewhat flat, clean, and sleek by the team of Sir Jony Ive who has designed and developed a lot of Apple's products. iOS 7 has gone through the biggest change in the history of iOS since the launch of iPhone in 2007.

With release of iOS 7, Apple has also announced that there are 600 million iOS powered devices. 7th gen iOS 7 brings some amazing features and we're discussing some of them here.

Mutlitasking: Multitasking is a major addition to iOS 7. All apps have now access to multitasking and this is not only limited to some selected apps. Multitasking will now support intelligent scheduling of resources to apps that require them and also prioritize based on network conditions. This means, if you don't have great reception or not in a Wi-Fi area, the OS won't try to prioritize applications that require that to function. A new multi-tasking API will allow all apps to run in the background and allow users to switch between apps.  Multitasking is displayed in card like previews of each app. 

Safari: Mobile browser can't stay un-updated if the whole OS is getting update. Icon is changed with a simple and flat compass icon with blue and white colors. It can go full screen and you are not limited to open 8 tabs only. It will also save your passwords with the iCloud Keychain and has enhanced parental controls.

AirDrop: Airdrop is a new feature to share your files wirelessly using encrypted peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. You can share files to those who are you close by. You can see the recepients in updated control center. There's no need of NFC for file sharing. It will be available for new Pad iPhone 5 and iPod Touch latest.

Camera: As being Apple, camera is special for the company. Like the Instagram style, live filters are available. Users can swithc between multiple modes such as camera, video, normal photo and panorama by swiping.

Photos: Photos app is updated to match the theme of iOS 7 i.e. Flat UI. Newly added Moments feature organizes images by time and location, and can provide an overview of all of the pictures that have bee taken in a particular year or a month or time period.

Siri: Siri has got a new interface with better search features. It has been updated to have both male and female voices in English, German, and French (with more languages being supported later on). Updated Siri can control more features of the device. You can search on Bing, Twitter etc. and change settings of most of the apps.

iOS in the Car: This is a really impressive feature of new iOS. Soon you will see cars will be loaded with iOS in them, in 2014. With Siri already integrated, you can make your calls, pla music, navigation options without taking your hands off the Steering wheel.

App Store: It's improved with the age relevancy feature so you will easily find apps according to your age or your child's. And it updates apps automatically

iTunes Radio: And finally Apple has added its music streaming service iTunes Radio to its product and service line. It is one of the major updates to iOS 7. It is similar to internet radio services such as Pandora or Spotify’s radio app and has distinct similarities to Google Play All Access music service. You can select your favorite music on more than 200 genre-focused stations. You can create and customize your stations . 

Activation Lock: Activation Lock is a feature to secure your device. Once it is activated this will prevent thieves from doing anything with the device without your Apple ID, even Find my iPhone or wipe off is turned off.

Other new features for iOS 7 include notification sync across devices, FaceTime audio calls over Wi-Fi, better search in Mail, and the ability to block phone calls, FaceTime calls, and messages.

iOS 7 is currently avaiable to developers as a beta build for iPhone and for iPad it will rolout in upcoming weeks. For general public, stable build will be released in the fall of 2013.


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