Thursday, June 27, 2013

CyanogenMod adds encrypted messaging service PushSMS

CyanogenMod is the most installed ROM and the one of the largest Android communities. Koushik Dutta, the developer of ClockworkMod Revocery has designed and is being currently testing a new messaging plugin to encrypt the messaging functionality of the OS, to protect the users' messages from NSA.

NSA is currently spying on people's information and the communication they have done. So, the popular Android ROM is going to be secured with new secure plugin, PushSMS. This plugin will be similar to Apple's iMessage in terms of encryption. It will allow users to securely send and receive texts between devices running CyanogenMod. And there are more than 7 milltion devices using CyanogenMod, so it will be widely accepted. 

Currently the plugin is under development. We'll inform you when it will available straight through the ROM.

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