Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One are available to buy on Play Store

Yesterday we reported that Nexus edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One are coming on 26th of June. And now they have landed. Boom. Both devices have worn a new skin and now have joined Nexus family. Both HTC One and Galaxy S4 will run on latest Android version i.e. Jelly Bean 4.2.2.  You can buy them from Play Store directly. 

Officially these devices are called "Google Play Edition" devices. Earlier Google used to refer them as "Nexus Experience devices" but suddenly the name is changed to GPE (Google Play Edition). Google hasn't give the word about the name change. Sense and TouchWiz skins are gone. There are some plus points as well as negative points for both devices on getting this upgrade. We can't access IR Box, HTC Zoe, Blink Feed, TouchWiz gestures, Samsung multi window etc. but these devices will be update directly as a Nexus device gets new Android update. 

Specs haven't been changed for any of the devices. Both are Full HD phones running on Snapdragon 600 processor and have 2 GB of RAM. Well, camera app is updated for Play Store Edition devices. Options are moved into curves from circular and are now two layers showing HDR, brightness, hue. Front/Rear toggle. 

Galaxy S4 GPE is available $649 for 16 GB which is bit heavy for the pocket. While  HTC One GPE is priced at $599 at 32 GB. You can order today, but Google says phones will ship by July 9. 

We are also listening that Oppo and Sony are also designing Google Edition of their flagship devices i.e. Find 5 and Xperia Z. Are Google Edition phones going to change the way we use Android and Google rule the Android Smartphone industry? Share with us in comments.

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