Wednesday, May 22, 2013

After Samsung, HTC is also planning to launch HTC One with Stock Android

We all know that in this year's I/O Google released a special edition of Galaxy S4 that runs on stock Android and is called the "Pure Nexus experience". It is a Nexus device having amazing camera (13 MP), good hardware and manufactured by the top manufacturer, Samsung. It will be a good choice for users who want to buy Galaxy S4 but love Nexus features. 

HTC seems to be following Samsung by releasing a special edition of HTC One with Stock Android on its top. According to a Twitter user LlabTooFeR, HTC is planning to gift its users a HTC One loaded with Vanilla experience i.e. stock Android and such handset is under development. HTC says that these rumors are false, but a source said to launch of such handset soon.  It looks like "Pure Nexus Experience" is becoming a brand. 

This will be a different move from HTC to switch from Sense 5.0 to Vanilla UI. Well, we think that this a nice move as users will have choice to choose from Sense 5.0 which is an itself great UI and Vanilla, the stock Android Interface. 

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