Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OS X is going to get a Google feature- Chrome app launcher

One of the Chrome OS's specialty is its User Interface which consists of a simple launcher having apps docked in the bottom. This feature is now being ported to Mac OS X by Google. Chrome App launcher is now in beta phase which is a simple way to launch Chrome packaged apps. If you are a chrome user then you might be already familiar with these simple apps are written up from HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

To get this launcher you need to install Chromium for Mac. Then run –show-app-list switch in terminal and then on clicking on the Chromium dock icon will bring up a grid of your installed web apps from the Chrome store.

Google is also working on Chrome Launcher for Windows and Linux. It seems that Google is trying to make the world know about the Chrome OS. We may get app launcher for all three platforms with Chrome 28 or Chrome 29. 

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