Sunday, April 28, 2013

Next Android version will remain Jelly Bean 4.3, not Key Lime Pie 5.0

Hey Folks, there's a serious news for Android lovers. For past 5-6 months we've been rumored for the next version of Android to be launched under the name "Key Lime Pie" as version 5.0. Now, the Google I/O is near (May 15-17, 2013) the reports are floating on the web that the next taste of Android will not be Key Lime Pie, Google is still in the mood to call it "Jelly Bean" with version number 4.3.

A reddit user danrant has chimed in with a whole bunch of evidence that points to an incremental Jelly Bean release rather than Key Lime Pie. The thread can be found here. Another proof comes from Artem Russakovskii.

The devices seen via the server logs are the Nexus 4 handset and Nexus 7 tablet, using a build identified as Android 4.3 JWR23B. As Artem notes, the first letter of the build code matches its corresponding dessert name, which in this case points to another Jelly Bean release. This would also suggest that the next Android update won’t be a major new release, but rather an incremental refinement of the existing Jelly Bean offering. 

According to Android Community, it is also being heard that Google will also be releasing a PDK (Platform Development Kit) to help manufacturers update Android versions more quickly. Well, Google hasn't said any word about these rumors, neither about Android 4.3 JB nor about 5.0 KLP. Everything will be clear in Google I/O. Till then, wait and watch.

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