Tuesday, March 26, 2013

II Gen HTC Butterfly may come soon as of high sales in Asia

HTC One is no doubt the best phone of HTC. After all HTC has taken a much of time to design such a phone. It is also somewhat criticized for its Camera, called Ultrapixel Camera, but also has been praised for its design and other features. 

Well, HTC One's competitor which is again from HTC is getting boom in Asia. It is HTC J Butterfly, company's earlier flagship phone and first Full HD phone. In Taiwan, which is hometown of HTC, supply has failed to meet demand and, according to Focus Taiwan, the phone has enjoyed "brisk sales" in Japan too. It has also defeated iPhone 5 and has become KDDI's best selling handset in Japan.

HTC's marketing executive Benjamin Ho has confirmed that we can expect the Second gen Butterfly as the current version is gaining flying sails in Asia. Well, no further information has been provided such as specs and what new Tech will it deliver, but they are HTC, so we can expect it will be something "Qualtiy Brilliant". 

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