Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Google is going to bring its all chat services in a single one, named as Babble

Internet Giant Google is working to unify its products. As the part of Spring Cleaning, they have started shutting down services and the recent announced was shut down of Reader. Actually it's not the first time when Google has started unifying of its products. It had integrated Picasa to Google Photos ad Google Profiles to Google+.

Now, Google is reported to bring all its chat services from Gmail, GTalk and Google+ and others to a single platform, under the name Google Babble. It means to “talk foolishly or idly”. Currently Google has Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger, Chat for Drive collaboration, and the Google Talk for G+.

As past experience from Google, Babble is expected to be released as a Beta product for user experiences and then a stable product, like Google+. According to Google’s current options will be integrated into the single platform where the same chat windows will show up across all of the company’s products. With this new product Google seems to compete with WhatsApp, iMessage and others.

Babble is expected to have some special features such as
  •     Share photos in chat windows.
  •     Start a hangout with anyone in your contacts list.
  •     Conversations are threaded across the different services.
  •     Ability to use same window for all chat products.
Official date of Babble has not been leaked or announced but we hope that Google will unveil the product in its upcoming annual event i.e. I/O 2013.

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