Monday, December 2, 2013

Kitkat runs on 1.1% devices, Google reveals December month's Android Platform share figures

One month ago, Android KitKat was released. With new polished interface and search features, KitKat is the one of most responded version of Android. Manufacturers unveiled their update rollout plans and ROM community started tweaking the code. As each month Google releases figures for the share hold by each platform, Kitkat reaches to 1.1% in just a month. 

Jelly Bean has accounted 54.5% ownership which is summed up from 37.4% of JB 4.1, 12.9% of JB 4.2 and 4.2% of JB 4.3. It seems like Kitkat will soon succeed over Jelly Bean 4.3's share as manufacturers have planned to rapidly out 4.4 version to devices. 

ICS now runs on 18.6% devices only. Honeycomb which was rejected by users has only 0.1% share while Gingerbread is still on 24.1% devices. 

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