Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google's 2013 gift: Free Gmail calls for 2013 in US and Canada

Gmail is the best Email service and I think most of you agree with me. One of the more interesting features of Gmail is that it lets you make voice calls in addition to just sending off emails. Google started offering this feature back in August of 2010, and extended it through 2011 and then again for 2012. 

The great news is that the company has confirmed in its blog post that it will continue to do so through all of next year. It means free calling from Gmail for US and Canada users. So if you are from these two countries, you can continue saving your money for one more year.

Though free calling is only offered within the US and Canada, Google Voice currently allows for calling in places like Mexico, India, Germany, and France, with rates ranging from 15 cents per minute all the way down to just 1 cent per minute if you’re calling someone in the US.


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